Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Glee Spoiler News - The Breakup!

Glee spoilers have been flying crazily in the past couple of weeks as filming resumes and we get photos, tweets, and news from the cast.  Some of these are already almost common knowledge:
1. Sue is going to have a baby girl named Robin. She has Down Syndrome.

2. Rachel's new teacher is played by Kate Hudson.  Rachel faces challenges she's never had to deal with before as she finds out that other people are as talented as she is.

3. Rachel has a new love interest named Brody, played by Dean Geyer.

Watch out, Finn.  He's pretty sexy.  Wonder if he can sing?

4. There will be another Britney Spears tribute episode, because you can never have too many of those, unless you totally can.  Wet Paint is promising the most bizarre performance ever.  What, stranger than Will performing "A Little Less Conversation" in Spanish while wearing a matador outfit?

5. Kurt does get to New York by the second episode.  Rachel looks pretty happy to see him. I'm happy to see him out of Lima.

6. The Glee cast will sing "Call Me Maybe" in the season premiere.

Oh, and something else happens.  What is it?  It's in episode four, which is called. "The Breakup."  So.... who breaks up?   Well, this is the biggie, and it's got people throwing hysterical tantrums up and down the internet, but if you don't want to know, don't follow after the jump.

It's Klaine.   Ryan Murphy has officially found yet another reason to make Kurt cry.

 It's funny; when Klaine got together, I cheered so loud the neighbors probably heard me.  Now that they are breaking up - at least temporarily - I feel... nothing. The pairing was beginning to stagnate.  I was getting very tired of listening to the show tell us why Kurt was so much Blaine's inferior, and how grateful he ought to be that Blaine condescended to date him at all.  There will be potential for more stories for both of them if they are not tied to each other from halfway across the country.  Actually... I think it might be a really good episode.  I notice that Finn and Rachel have a serious conversation in New York as well.  Last year, we had these two couples mirroring each other during The First Time, and now they may be doing it again during The Breakup.   It made for good TV last year.  We will see what happens on Glee the day that Klaine breaks up.

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  1. FYI we know by the clapboard in the Rachel/Kurt scene that Kurt makes it to NYC at the end of the first episode.